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  • My experience at Madden was awesomely positive. After full hip replacement in December, when I could barely walk into the office, I am now almost totally back to normal, in fact, better than what was normal. Ava and her team were very considered and caring, and listened to my feedback. They even occasionally laughed at my jokes. I will actually miss going to PT now that I have been “released“.

    Mark F. from Harrisburg, PA

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  • 2024 - knee replacement physical therapy with Tilly's team has been an awesome experience! They are very caring and knowledgeable, and always have the patient's best interest in mind. They got me through some tough times, and I'm happy that I am able to do all the things I used to do! The whole team was always very involved in every step of my PT, I felt like I was with family!! I'm all healed up now and could not have asked for a better group of people taking care of me. Thank you, Tilly, Jane, Eva and my favorite intern Celia.

    Anneke K. from Harrisburg, PA

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  • I would highly recommend Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy. I have had very good results with my shoulder. Dan and his group provided the care I needed to heal.

    Lydia Gingerich from Harrisburg, PA

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  • I had a very positive experience at Madden & Gilbert. The therapy I received from Dr. Cody Mary and Grace really turned things around. I came in to treat a shoulder impingement as my sleep was often interrupted by shoulder pain. After 8 weeks I no longer suffer with shoulder pain. I cannot thank this staff enough.

    Rudy D. from Mechanicsburg, PA

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  • These professionals are top notch! I was having difficulty with some of the positions in ballet class. The physical therapist and his assistants did a lot of problem solving and gave me exercises to help improve the muscle difficulties in my right leg. I’m back at the barre and can do more than I hoped for in dance class at age 70!

    Rebecca Boone from Mechanicsburg, PA

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  • There were many days when the thought of going for my physical therapy appointments made me want to cancel, but I am glad I kept coming back. Melanie and her team were attentive, thorough, consistent, and caring as they gave me the tools to improve my issues with numbness and tingling in my hands. I always walked out of the clinic feeling better than when I came in. I was treated with respect and felt like my concerns were being addressed. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. I would highly recommend Gilbert Madden PT.

    Suzy O. from Camp Hill, PA

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  • I've gone to Madden and Gilbert twice now for back issues. Adam and Ken are great and they really listen to you. I was really limited in my range of motion and in a lot of pain a few months ago. After one visit I felt better and after a few sessions, the pain was gone. Two months later and I'm back to my normal level of exercise. I recommend coming here for your PT needs!

    Andrea V. from Camp Hill, PA

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  • Excellent, professional, and friendly experience for each PT session, over a five month program for a total knee replacement. Chris and his team were smart, energetic, and kind. These qualities count a lot when doing serious rehab! Results have been life-changing, because now I can do the physical things (both sports and day to day living) that I couldn't do before. I'll go there again whenever I need PT!

    William W. from Camp Hill, PA

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  • The entire staff is wonderful!! Nick & Nate helped me through my injury. They never give up! I had a great experience for my PT. Highly recommend Madden & Gilbert for PT needs!

    Nicole S. from Dauphin, PA

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  • I would highly recommend Madden and Gilbert Physical Therapy, Dauphin. I came to them with severe sciatic pain and back pain. My quality of life was greatly compromised. Their dedication to relieving pain, the exercises and hands on techniques, the supportive and friendly environment all work together to get you to where you want to be. You also have to be just as dedicated though and follow through on all they show you to do. It is a win - win !!! Thank you Nick and Nate and all the staff who contributed to my healing. My best to all of you !!

    Tamalyn M. from Dauphin, PA

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  • Madden helped me a lot with my injury and discomfort and I had a lot of Trouble doing everyday activities and they helped me so much getting back into baseball and all my other hobbies. They were very nice and are very cool people to be around I always enjoyed being there and they were all very helpful. I definitely recommend this place for anybody who needs physical therapy.

    Jaden W. from Dauphin, PA

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  • I had both my knees replaced in October and November of 2023. I chose Madden Physical Therapy after several friends told me about their experiences and successes with their staff of physical therapists. I wanted an office close to home since I would be in therapy for at least six months. I was assigned to the team of Addie, Alex, Olivia and Autumn. Each appointment was a success and a step forward for me. From my very first appointment (the day after getting out of the hospital) where i couldn't envision walking let alone going up steps, to my last appointment where I was so sad it was over and time to move on. Each appointment I was met with a smile, a challenge, lots of encouragement and support. I am enjoying life with more stability, agility, flexibility, strength and no pain. Also, I have a friend and a family member who had knee replacements at the same time. They live in different states, and unfortunately, they are still having issues with their recovery. I would definitely recommend Madden Physical Therapy. Addie, Alex, Olivia, Autumn and all of the staff made my time there successful, comfortable and fun too! Thank you!!!

    Joanne W. from Shrewsbury, PA

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  • Everyone on staff is friendly and professional! The whole environment is comfortable and relaxed — helping my 88 year old mom to feel like she fits right in! Veronica, Jenny, and Peter are great — so glad mom's in their 'team!' Shout out to Allison who runs an efficient reception/benefits management area, with a smile (-;

    Donna G. from Shrewsbury, PA

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  • The staff was great. They were very knowledgeable as to what physical therapy you needed after having surgery. They gave encouragement even if you were having a good day or even a bad day. Will go there again if I need physical therapy.

    Sandy I. from Shrewsbury, PA

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  • Professional, friendly, kind and compassionate are just a few words to describe Ryan and Kayla. They evaluated and came up with a treatment plan for my shoulder. I went from waking up several times a night with shoulder pain to sleeping peacefully with NO shoulder pain. Increased strength and mobility made this physical therapy journey a complete success! Thank you Madden and Gilbert Physical Therapy in Hershey!

    M H. from Hershey, PA

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  • I recently completed a PT session with Dr. Jan and her team!! Due to my job which requires heavy demand on my feet, I was experiencing some serious leg and foot pain. Dr. Jan and her team were great at explaining and helping me through my issue and most importantly my treatment plan!! Now I'm walking out of there pain free! So grateful for them!

    Rebecca C. from Hershey, PA

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  • This year, I had the privilege of working with the highly talented and caring staff of Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy Hershey, resulting in the total recovery of my shoulder, knee and back. I recommend them to anyone who would prefer professionally structured exercise over surgery. Thank you so much, Madden & Gilbert for my new pain-free lease on life!

    Carol C. from Hershey, PA

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  • After months of chronic pain, I had a breakthrough at Madden at Gilbert! They are excellent professionals and their one-one patient care is reassuring and a breath of fresh air! They strive to get to know you and give their best! I would recommend 1000%!!!

    Odeth M. from Lancaster, PA

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  • I am a runner and because of pain in my piriformis and hamstring could not run at all. Pat helped me get back into running gradually and helped me build strength in my legs…I feel stronger than before my injury! I just completed a sprint triathlon this past weekend and feel great!

    Heidi M. from Lancaster, PA

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  • I can't say enough great things about Madden & Gilbert Physical Therapy. The doctors and other staff are personable, funny, caring, and go the extra mile for their patients. They've drastically reduced my neck and shoulder pain and have essentially given me my life back. I highly, highly recommend this office if you are looking for healing and pain relief.

    Angela C. from Lancaster, PA

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  • Didn’t Think I’d Feel This Good Again!

    Knee and wrist pain from arthritis was making me feel so old! After ripping up my stomach with NSAIDS and doing cortisone shots with no relief, I limped into Gilbert to try something different. I felt better almost immediately, did all the at home exercises religiously and by week 5 I felt like myself again, but even better and stronger! Chris, Matt and Melanie are the absolute best and have been a pleasure to work with!

    - Corinna W.
  • Feeling Better & Stronger!

    Prior to coming to Gilbert PT, I was having trouble with my right leg giving way when I would get up from a seated position. I was having difficulty walking any distance and had nerve pain in my left leg and hip. My sleep was disrupted and energy level was low. I had difficulty working on my hobby car…experiencing discomfort during and after a work session.

    On my first visit to Gilbert I was impressed with the amount of prep work and baseline information that was gathered. Jon reviewed my medical records and MRI reports to determine what needed to be done to correct several issues, with stability being the first item to focus on. Exercises and stretches were adjusted based on my feedback.

    I first went to Gilbert on 4/27 and within 2 weeks I had no more issues with my leg giving way. It’s now July 19, I feel better and stronger than I have felt in years. I can walk and am sleeping through the night without pain. Working on cars and exercising are all part of my routine again.

    I can’t stress enough how different my Gilbert PT experience was as compared to other facilities. The team here takes the time to adjust to the patient’s condition and feedback while providing a solid foundation of exercises that will improve your quality of life.

    Thank you Jon, Pat, Erin, and everyone at Gilbert! Go birds!

    - Michael T.
  • Back to Normal!

    Prior to the therapy, sciatica pain limited my ability to walk, stand, or sit for very long. Chris, Matt and the team have helped me to vastly improve my ability to do these activities for longer periods of time without pain. Their treatment and encouragement have been greatly appreciated.

    - Kenneth B.
  • Pain Free and Grateful!

    Bursitis in my hip prevented me from walking, sitting and climbing stairs pain-free. Sleep was affected as well. The staff at Gilbert was excellent in working with me, teaching me and encouraging me through the exercises. Dr. Abbey, Rachel and Matt worked as a team and provided considerate and consistent care, and I am now pain free and grateful!

    - Diana D.
  • I’m on the path to a full recovery!

    I had a wonderful experience here at Madden. I arrived with neck pain that radiated through my right arm, down to my fingertips. Through the weeks of my therapy the pain and tingling completely subsided. My strength is gradually recovering. Thanks to the progressively harder exercises Matt prescribed. I’m on the path to a full recovery thanks to Madden Physical Therapy!

    - Samuel W.
  • Improved Motion and Less Pain!

    My rotator cuff injury made it difficult to do activities requiring lifting weighted objects, reaching to the side and behind, and reaching overhead. With Physical Therapy, my range of motion has improved and the pain has decreased. Luke, Jamie, and Josh are a great professional and personable team that makes Physical Therapy “less painful.

    - Denise W.
  • Extended Family

    I am ready to get back to my normal life since having my knee replacement. I can now do everything as before thanks to Madden Therapy & their great staff. The staff is so friendly & they gave 110%, they went above & beyond. I was also having other painful issues that Dan took care of for me. I feel almost 100% thanks to coming here. This is a very caring group of people that feel more like extended family. I never thought therapy would be so enjoyable. Many thanks to the gang & God bless them. I would recommend them to everyone. Thanks so much for all you have done.

    - Anna N.
  • No More Pain Meds

    My PT helped me to get back to normal. Prior to beginning PT I had pain in my neck and right arm along with numbness in my index finger. The pain would wake me early every morning and prevented me by eliminating the pain in my name and arm. The throbbing has stopped I can sleep in any position I want with no pain all night. I’m off all the paid meds and have my quality of like back. Thank you, Connor and team.

    - Deric M.
  • Pleased with Progress

    When I first came to therapy, I had very limited motion in my left ankle. It hurt to walk and use the stairs. It also interfered with my balance. Danny worked diligently to increase my range of motion in the ankle as well as giving me exercises to help my balance. I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made under his care.

    - Edna S.
  • I came to Madden with shoulder pain. After 6 months, pain is 90% gone. The staff is welcoming and friendly.

    - Lavern S.
  • Jan, Ryan, Kaylee & Sami worked together to help me get back to walking without pain in my knee & back. Hands on therapy was very helpful. I left with stretching & strengthening exercises that I can do as needed to help me continue to be pain-free. I reccomend Hershey Madden & Gilbert PT to my family & friends.

    - Dee B.
  • I can’t say enough good things about Jan and her team. They are very professional, always welcoming, and very personable. I had a couple of issues with my back, leg, and finger, and within 2 months I had no more pain. I never felt like I was “just another number” with them like I have at other places in the past, and they never made me feel rushed while I was there. If I ever need physical therapy again I will 100% go back to them.

    - Brandon K.
  • I attended one of the rotator cuff workshops at the Hershey office and was immediately impressed by the friendliness and knowledge of the physical therapists and I was quick to schedule my first PT session with their office the very next week to begin my journey of healing from a small rotator cuff tear. Following every session, my mobility increased and my pain decreased a little bit more. After approximately four months of therapy, I feel better than ever and am able to participate in all of my pre-injury activities! Extra shout out to Kaylee and Jan for their patience, guidance, hands-on treatment, and for simply being genuine, caring, kind, fun, personable and sensational young ladies!

    - Jennifer G.
  • My jaw has greatly improved since seeing Jan! I took a bite out of a breakfast sandwich and my jaw locked. This had never happened before. I was very restricted on how far I could open my mouth for months…eating a hamburger was very painful. I came to realize my problem was primarily muscular, not skeletal. Through massaging my jaw at the correct place and doing exercises I would never have thought of, my jaw is back to normal. Thanks, Jan!

    - Gregory D.
  • I was very pleased with my entire experience from start to finish!! Everyone was so kind and knowledgeable. I was able to get my shoulder and knee pain relieved. Thanks so much Madden and Gilbert!! I highly recommend them.

    - Cindy E.