A few weeks ago I was doubled over in pain, unable to walk or sleep. Now I’m pain-free and sleeping well. I had a compressed disk and pinched sciatic nerve and couldn’t stand up for 2 weeks. Various pain killers didn’t make any difference but thanks to Chris (Dr. Christopher Sierotowicz) I am now pain free. I had a similar issue with my shoulder and arm 8 years ago and again, Chris got me to pain-free and it has lasted all these years. My wife has multiple bulging disks. She went to a couple of other PT practices with no change. She then tried Madden & Gilbert and it changed her life. She’s now pain-free most of the time. I highly recommend Madden & Gilbert. They are incredibly effective at diagnosing the issue, getting you relief and teaching you how to keep the problem from returning. They’ve given us our lives back. Thank you Chris!

Blake Robertson from Camp Hill

Linda Obringer from Shrewsbury

I worked with Ryan and Kayla for about 3 months for my knee and back pain. They were very good at assessing the cause of my symptoms and figuring out a plan to decrease my discomfort and increase my strength and range of motion. They are thoughtful and gentle in their approach as they get to the solutions needed.

Sunny Day Real Estate Solutions from Hershey

Great experience learned how to engage the correct muscle groups strengthening me and relieving my pain. They gave me my flexibility, stability and overall mobility back allowing me to play with my son easier and get back to competing in horse shows. I haven’t felt this good in many years!

Sarah McLaren from Harrisburg

I had a very positive experience with Madden & Gilbert. Months ago I thought I may never be pain free again, but now I am back to all my physical activities and feeling great. Melanie and her team were wonderful! I hope I don’t need physical therapy any time soon, but if so, I will definitely be back to Madden & Gilbert.

Tammy Mann from Camp Hill

I would highly recommend Madden and Gilbert Lancaster. Such a knowledgeable, professional and caring staff that are also fun to work with! Thank you Pat, Alex and Kaitlyn. It was a pleasure working with you.

Linda Denlinger from Lancaster

I had great results at Madden Physical Therapy in Dauphin, PA. Had a great deal of pain in my left shoulder and after 6 weeks of therapy I am completely pain free. Nick was super great to work with. He is so knowledgeable and guided me through all the exercises to get me back to working again. Really appreciative of all the staff too. Everyone is very friendly. Made my experience there so much nicer. Totally recommend Madden Physical Therapy.

Michele S from Dauphin

My experience at the Harrisburg MaddenGilbert Physical Therapy clinic was amazing! Words cannot fully express my gratitude to Dr. Brenna and Sara as well as the entire team . Their love and dedication to their chosen profession was obvious from day one. With their help and guidance I have my life back with new skills to keep it! Dr.Brenna and Sara you are fabulous! Anyone needing physical therapy need look no further!

Diana Mark-Pass from Harrisburg

Carli Shoemaker from Camp Hill

I fell and injured my left knee; once again I tore my meniscus and added a cracked patella for good measure. At first, I could hardly walk. I worked with Becca and her team. I am always blown away at the impact good exercises can make. I am now able to keep active and, for now, stave off the specter. I love Madden!

Jill James-Calhoun from Harrisburg

Thank you Dr. Brenna. Was in severe pain in lower back and down front of right leg. Brenna and her team did a fabulous job of relieving my pain and getting me back to normal. Really a pleasure to work with all the staff at Madden & Gilbert from the front desk to the therapy staff always a great experience. This was my third time there. I hope my last but wouldn't go anywhere else.

Harry Graham from Harrisburg

I went to Madden & Gilbert for Physical Therapy after a knee replacement. I could not have asked for better care. Rachel and Melanie were my physical therapists. They were compassionate, professional and provided great guidance and care through my recovery. They were also just fun and uplifting to be around. I would strongly recommend them.

Brett Kinney from Camp Hill

Very nice place will tell others.

Mary Beers from Camp Hill

My husband has been using your services and we are both very pleased with the team he's working with. They are trying to get him more mobile and to have less spine pain. He has been really impressed with the summer intern working there and sings her praises. Everyone there has a lot of compassion for older people and my husband faithfully does the exercises at home on the days he doesn't go into the office. He also enjoys the laser treatments very much. We both highly recommend this group of therapists.

Shirley Romberger from Harrisburg

Great treatment and excellent facility. Thanks for your help. Rebecca Peters

Robert Peters from Camp Hill